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RE/MAX BESPOKE has 2 offices in Costa Rica that are governed by the luxury real estate standards of The RE/MAX Collection. The exceptional service and care that we provide our clients with match the same quality and essence that our clients look for in their luxury home.


Our international network of agents in 110 countries connects us with more clients and investors than any other real estate agency in the global market.

16 offices and 98+ real estate agents in Costa Rica .



RE/MAX BESPOKE exists to connect international investors and executives with Costa Rica, ensuring an outstanding and secure investment, as well as to attend local investors according to the same standard of excellence. We have 2 offices in Costa Rica and 12 real estate agents We are committed to the highest quality service; our speed and attention to detail set us apart. 

We thoroughly evaluate and analyze each one of our listed properties with care in order to offer the perfect portfolio of options to our clients according to their unique interests.

Our Values:

• Honesty and transparency in information.

• Warmth with a friendly treatment.

• Professionalism in all our communications and actions. 

• Agility through technology.

Within our services we offer:

• Full advice on real estate investments.

• Residential real estate placement.

• Creation of marketing strategy for properties, including social networks and international networks.

• Evaluation and creation of real estate projects.

• Advice on relocation.

• Appraisals.

• Among others.