Núcleo Sabana: Modern, Comfortable Apartment in the Heart of San Jose

Nucleo Sabana
  • $155000
    • Address:
      C. 40, Mántica, San José
      San José, San José
    • Beds: 1
    • Baths: 1
    • Sq Ft: 466.50

Núcleo Sabana: Modern, Comfortable Apartment in the Heart of San Jose. Are you looking for a modern and comfortable apartment in the heart of San Jose? Look no further because this 43.34-square-meter apartment located on the fourth floor of Núcleo Sabana with its own parking space is the perfect choice for you.

Núcleo Sabana is an impressive mixed-use development that combines the convenience of urban living with the tranquility of nature. This apartment is strategically located near La Sabana Metropolitan Park, a 72-hectare park that is a significant cultural and sports center in San Jose. With 38,000 weekly visitors, La Sabana is the most visited park in Costa Rica. Who wouldn’t want to live so close to all this?

This 43.34-square-meter apartment has been designed to make the most of every square inch. Smarthome technology is integrated into every corner, allowing you to keep your space connected and under control.

In addition to your private space, you will have access to all the wonders of La Sabana. The park offers a wide range of sports activities, from soccer and tennis to skating and walks in a natural setting. The Costa Rican Art Museum is within walking distance, allowing you to explore the rich local culture. Furthermore, La Sabana is a recreational haven for families on weekends.

Núcleo Sabana is witnessing significant architectural and real estate growth. Modern, large-scale constructions are on the rise in the vicinity, adding value to the investment in this apartment. Institutions such as the General Comptroller’s Office of the Republic of Costa Rica and the Costa Rican Institute of Electricity are nearby neighbors.

This apartment in Núcleo Sabana offers a modern and comfortable lifestyle in the heart of San Jose. In addition to its strategic location and growth potential. What are you waiting for? Make this apartment your new home and enjoy the best of San Jose!

Address:C. 40, Mántica, San José
City:San José
State:San José
Square Feet:466.50

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